About the therapists...

Melissa McCabe, LMT/Owner


In Austin, Texas since 2007 after graduating from Shepherd University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in therapeutic recreation. Having grown up near the hectic Washington D.C. area, I appreciate a place where tension is viewed as a hindrance rather than the norm.

It is my mission to provide therapeutic massage to all who enter our doors, we communicate our approach and treatments, and offer the highest skilled therapists.

Form + Function Massage is not your average massage studio or business, we take our time, and tailor your experience to your needs, as it should be.

Kenia, LMT


Meet Kenia, she's a small stature but she's  filled with both serious  power and personality. Massage became the obvious answer while seeking a career path that was fulfilling on both sides of the bar. Hailing from Michigan, she graduated from Irene's Myomassology Institute in 2012, giving her the 6 years of an integrated approach to massage therapy. 

With this title in hand, Kenia uses several different modalities to address a variety of concerns and her passion for therapeutic assessment, injury prevention and personalized treatment shows with every session. 

Elisabet, LMT

42681 (1).jpeg

An impressive 10 years of being a therapist Elisabet has worked mixing modalities from swedish to sports to deep tissue, she customizes any session to the needs of every client. Some of her loves are spontaneous road trips, live music, being by the beach and her family.

Having been in the industry for 10 yrs, Elisabet has a passion for helping others overcome stress and tension in all aspects of life whether it be physical or mental. Working with people of all ages and backgrounds, her goal is to bring the best out of everyone she encounters.

Rhys, LMT 


Rhys has a focused interest in the therapeutic and corrective side of massage. His techniques help clients gain range of motion, correct posture, and aids in self-care techniques. He worked predominantly with runners and power lifters prior to coming to Form & Function. 

Specializing in Compensation Patterns and Deep Tissue techniques, Rhys can work with the everyday athlete, or the weekend warrior who suffers from neck, upper back, low back, and hip discomfort. As well as chronic pain sufferers, non-athletes, or just general tension.

  Matt, LMT


 Matthew began his career with massage therapy roughly 4 years ago after his father suffered a debilitating knee injury. Needing rehabilitation therapy for months after, Matthew was able to work alongside massage therapist and PT's to aid his recovery.

Using deep tissue, trigger points and other skills he picked up along the way Matthew strives to help clients recover and recuperate from daily life in Austin. 

John, LMT


Well versed in a variety of skill John has over 5 years as an LMT. He has a great interest in the therapeutic side of massage and helping people gain better range of motion, posture, and self-care techniques; but also a deep passion in connecting and empathizing with others, helping manage stress, anxiety, and trauma through massage and meditation. He practices and lives a yogic lifestyle with an emphasis on mindfulness in everyday life. 

Kari, LMT


Her interest in massage therapy birthed a few years after obtaining personal training certifications (NASM) where she directed much focus on corrective flexibility. She has become familiar with the integrity of soft tissue, muscles and their fascia (connective tissue ) and how together their dynamic relationship functions to either promote or prevent optimal movement.

She then decided to go forward with pursuing a professional license in soft tissue manipulation in 2013.  Since then she has further honed in on corrective modalities and as a high performance athlete she has taken an interest in techniques in sports massage and clinical modalities: Post Isometric Stretching(PIS), active release(ART),  and myofascial release techniques. Her massage style is improving functional and sport performance while assisting pain management through orthopedic techniques.

She is currently enrolled in Texas State University working on a BA in Exercise Science with a focus in clinical Kinesiology and exercise physiology

Sophia, LMT

sopia.bio picture.jpg

Sophia has a passion for helping people in pain. Through massage she has found a fulfilling way to help others by providing a space to heal both physically and mentally. After leaving a career that revolved around high stress and anxiety it is refreshing to be part of a group that empathizes and truly cares about the wellbeing of others.

A Texas native, Sophia likes to spend her time outside exploring and traveling. 

Abby, LMT


Abby has an immense passion for helping others seeking pain relief, soft tissue recovery maintenance, nagging aches and pains, as well as improving others overall muscular functionality. Abby has been practicing massage in Austin, Tx for 6 years. In that time, she has focused her education on the fascial connective tissue and its relationship to the nervous system.

Interweaving her use of Craniosacral  Therapy and Deep Fascial Massage, she meets the client's individual preferences with a variety of pressure and techniques. Considering the brain's attachment to tension patterns in the body, Abby works to untether bad habits, recalibrate the nervous system and pave the way to pain free movement. -Massage has given her a deep understanding of muscular functionality, dysfunction, and what is needed to recover from exercise induced stress. 

Tim, LMT


Tim's interest in Massage developed slowly, but with passion.   With a background in natural building and sustainable farming, his commitment to holistic living became evident when his wife suffered with intense shoulder pain.   He attended Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and obtained his LMT, with his license in hand he was able to alleviate his wife's shoulder pain.  A great accomplishment!

Tim is focused on the Lauterstein DEEP massage as well as very intuitive relaxation and acupressure massage.  He is certified in numerous orthopedic protocols.  Tim has a well developed practice concerning all client needs.  With years comes wisdom and understanding of all types of problem areas . He is a natural bodyworker with strong hands.

His hobbies include archery, heirloom seed conservation, natural building and cycling.