Read what our clients are saying about Form + Function Massage.


Nick N

Early 40s, Triathlete, Physician, Food Aficionado
”I was referred by a friend because he was tired of hearing me complain about a back injury from skiing. It had been bothering me for about 6 weeks and after one body work session, resolved. I now go for maintenance treatments and they keeping me aligned and able to maintain a pain free, active lifestyle. This is not a relaxing spa-like experience. The treatments are intense, but therapeutic. Couldn't recommend it more highly!”

Joan D.

60s, Active, Entrepreneur, & Avid traveler
”Fantastic job working with the multitude of hip, shoulder and neck issues that I have been living with for years. I have tried many therapists and none have made such progress opening up the tight areas.  I am now a "regular" there.
The facility is light, area, clean and comfortable.
I highly recommend Form Function Massage if you are looking for true therapeutic massage, not just a place for relaxation, Enya & candles.”



Matt S.

Matt S.
”Early 40s, Rock Climber, Business Development, Mover & shaker
Form + Function Massage is great! I was skeptical at first, since I've had many massages at many places over the years, and few therapists are able to help with the many past injuries I've had. But Form + Function blew my expectations out of the water. My back and shoulders felt better than they have in ages. They're friendly and professional too. I've already recommended Form + Function to several friends, because they're that good.”