About the therapists...

Melissa McCabe, LMT/Owner


In Austin, Texas since 2007 after graduating from Shepherd University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in therapeutic recreation. Having grown up near the hectic Washington D.C. area, I appreciate a place where tension is viewed as a hindrance rather than the norm

While pursuing my degree, I played collegiate-level tennis for four years and learned a great deal about body maintenance, injury, and recovery. It was during this time that I developed a comprehensive understanding of the human body, be it injured, inactive, or active. I have a fixed obsession with pain-free and healthy living; therefore, massage came naturally.

Elijah, LMT


Elijah began his journey to healing when he was severely injured & seeking options away from pharmaceutical pain management. He discovered body and energy work, then completed training in 2015.

He pursued his path in corrective therapy & passion for how the body works & how it's used. While in the army Elijah was taught strength and discipline and when he became a father he learned compassion and patience. 
 Each session is an opportunity to treat everyday wear and tear on your bodies is displayed in each muscle. He approaches each client and as a unique quest for insight. Elijah's bodywork makes clients feel better & his experience help clients live pain-free.

Kenia, LMT


Meet Kenia, she's a small stature but she's  filled with both serious  power and personality. Massage became the obvious answer while seeking a career path that was fulfilling on both sides of the bar. Hailing from Michigan, she graduated from Irene's Myomassology Institute in 2012, giving her the 6 years of an integrated approach to massage therapy. 

With this title in hand, Kenia uses several different modalities to address a variety of concerns and her passion for therapeutic assessment, injury prevention and personalized treatment shows with every session. 

Elisabet, LMT

42681 (1).jpeg

An impressive 10 years of being a therapist Elisabet has worked mixing modalities from swedish to sports to deep tissue, she customizes any session to the needs of every client. Some of her loves are spontaneous road trips, live music, being by the beach and her family.

Having been in the industry for 10 yrs, Elisabet has a passion for helping others overcome stress and tension in all aspects of life whether it be physical or mental. Working with people of all ages and backgrounds, her goal is to bring the best out of everyone she encounters.

Rhys, LMT 

T. He has had a great interest in the therapeutic side of massage and helping others gain range of motion, posture, and self-care techniques.  

He also has a deep passion in connecting and empathizing with others, helping manage stress, anxiety, and trauma through massage and meditation.  He practices and lives a yogic lifestyle with an emphasis on mindfulness in everyday life.


Matt M, LMT

 Bio Coming Soon